Defeating the object?

The following is taken from today's CMU Daily, recommended reading, sign up at I post it here because I'd originally predicted (here) that if I don't have the time to update my own blog on a regular basis how do we expect celebs to do so......

Shocking revelation this: 50 Cent doesn't do his own Twitter updates. They are written by his internet business manager Chris Romero. Romero told The New York Times he takes quotes from interviews Fiddy has given and uses them for the site, and seems to think that it's all okay. "He doesn't actually use Twitter", he's quoted as saying. "But the energy of it is all him". Well I, for one, am shocked, saddened and disappointed. And I'll be telling my PA to add an update to my Twitter page to that effect forthwith.

It was only a matter of time, I just didn't expect it to be such a short space of time before someone got 'found out'. I suppose we now have to wonder how much it matters. I think, at the moment, it does.