Sorry seems to be the easiest word

To work in broadcasting at the moment is to be in a perpetual state of apology. I'm even apologetic about being remotely associated with broadcasting. Look, I'm sorry.

Of late all broadcasters have made a 'show' of signing up to a 'commitment to honesty in broadcasting'. Morally we know that there's an element of PR involved in this but as a guiding principle it has significant merit.

This said can we really be claiming that we're honest in our apologies?

Broadcasters and their management may regret the offence they've caused but is it really honest to apologise for something you know wasn't really offensive? Something that only caused offense when it was appropriated by other media and shown out of context to those with very low tolerance thresholds. These people don't normally consume your output and you wouldn't really want them as listeners/viewers anyway. Do we honestly have to apologise to them?

I'm already sorry, OK?