Show me the money

How are we making money in music industry these days? Consensus has it that there’s no revenue in the recorded music, that’s just a way to gain fame via airplay, and subsequent revenue will come from your touring/merchandising, etc. I think we’ve heard the statement so often that we all now just regard it as fact.

Of course it can’t be completely true, there is still money to be made in sales of singles and albums, it may just be that you have to use a selection of unusual methods to increase your yield. Selling your body-hair in exclusive packaging may be one route, but not one favoured by many I suspect.

Struggling musicians probably need to reappraise their goals, is it about a long-term future making music, or is it about instant fame? According to some if you keep your cost base low and your ambitions realistic then it’s possible to survive.

One thing is very clear. The future is about communication, constant communication.