The real pricetag?

I hadn’t looked at Amanda’s breakdown of expenditure when composing the original blog on kickstarter/pledge and the other funding sites (below).

It’s an interesting piece, if only because it gives you some insight into an artist’s outgoings and cross-references Steve Albini’s earlier blog about signing to a record label (also well worth reading).

Of course you can do things in many different ways, but you should always have a budget and remember that recording and playing live are expensive hobbies.


PS - Subsequent to this a row broke out involving Amanda’s attempt to recruit musicians in each of her tour towns creating a spat between Palmer and Albini partly summarised by fasterlouder.  

Palmer backed down and the free to play argument rumbles on.  Albini later apologised for calling her an idiot but like most disagreements in the industry of late this one was played out in full view of the public. Freedom of the press and right to privacy don’t feature much in these instances. Perhaps we all know too much?