Let's Be Frank....

These days there’s no alternative, you have to be in for the long run, playing the long game and hoping that the long tail can be yours. Short cuts may lead to short term success but it may not be sustainable.

The indie stars that were meant to save us from this pop hell have either fallen away or imploded, forced to fly too close to the sun they could not maintain the altitude. You know who they are or, more to the point, who they were.

Enough riddles though, a case in point is Frank Turner. Frank has been around. Twelve years ago he was in a punk band, Eight years ago he went solo. He’s now on his fifth studio album. That’s a lot of effort, a hell of a lot of songs, a huge amount of touring – hard work, basically.

Maybe he could afford to put the work in because his parents are rich, I don’t know the detail of how but he’s now selling out tours so whatever way you have to find, whatever pays the bills then that’s what you have to do I guess.

There’s a chance his time at Eton instilled him with a sense of entitlement, perhaps it increased his self-worth to the point where he knew he couldn’t fail. He’s clearly a clever bloke and the arguments about the music biz being full of over-privileged white boys are largely disproven and probably for another time. 

Frank could be a case study. For now it’s about the music.