The not-so-dead 60s, out with the old and in with the ‘new’

Sometimes you hear a buzz and you’d be better off putting your ear to a hive than following the crowd. At others you’ve got to join the throng, play along and see what comes of it.

I wasn’t overly impressed by The Strypes, I get it that they’re great looking and they’re young and they play like they should’ve been around in the late sixties but sometimes it feels too forced, almost like it was someone else’s idea.

Of course I’m cynical, I’ve seen it all before, the ‘kids’ don’t care so much. To some of them it probably even sounds new. In that instance it is new – to them. In the same sense the industry wants so badly to create that ‘new’ (usually from the ashes of something familiar) that they’ll often trip over themselves trying to get there. There’s a lineage in all music, occasionally the industry mines the right seam and a trend develops.

‘Music people’ (journalists/presenters/bloggers) are easily influenced; we want you to think that we’ve discovered something new and you’re privileged that we’re sharing it with you. Often we’re just making educated guesses on the stuff that labels and publicists push our way.

Frankly there’s too much music and you can only filter it in certain ways – if you know an act is pretty good and they’ve got decent backing then you may as well join the bandwagon. You’re going to be right a certain percentage of the time and it’s a damn sight easier than listening to all the music that comes your way.

I hear The Ruen Brothers and I can see the appeal. Backed in the right way they could go places. Are they any better than The Heavy? Hell, no but they’re possibly better looking. See and hear for yourselves.

I keep saying that it’s all about the songs, but clearly the image is always going to matter. We live in a visual world, the stuff we share online it’s mostly pictures not words.

As for the underlying trend or scene we can see what is being attempted - blues-infused, r’n’b sixties style, maybe it was The Stones comeback, maybe it’s the fault of Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes and even Arctic Monkeys or back to The White Stripes. Every generation wants to tear it up themselves, wants to re-invent the wheel or at least try to make it prettier. Maybe that’s what’s happening here and I wouldn’t discourage it, let’s keep it real.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. This really works........