Making nonsense of it all

I was waiting to make sense of it all, but there was no sense to be had.

I was writing to clarify, to make sense but no sense was possible and nonsense may well be preferred.
Then I heard that Alan Bennett say: ‘Writing is talking to one’s self’. Does that ever make sense, talking to yourself? I’ve often tried to give myself a pep talk, to provoke myself into action. It rarely works. Yet I still had the desire to write.

In recent times the written word has become the only word. My children’s generation rarely use the ‘phone for its invented purpose, they mostly exchange text in one form or another. The spoken word has generally been my ally. Is there much better than a well written and delivered speech, monologue, lecture or soliloquy?  
In the age of Trump we’re unlikely to witness many of those. It was the spoken word that brought me back here. In a podcast I heard Seth Godin, entrepreneur, author, blogger and all-round-thinker, say that it was our duty to tell ‘our truth’ and tell it regularly. He suggested daily but that’s inevitably a step too far.