The public (dis)interest

I used to despair of those who claimed no interest in politics, as if it had no effect on them. Latterly I’ve wished that I could be the same.

I’d greatly prefer that the pronouncements of Government didn’t send me into an inconsolable rage. That their idiocy, lack of compassion and hatefulness was irrelevant to me, instead of producing an apoplectic, fuming, bile-spewing monster.

Each day seems to concoct something new. Every hour it seems there’s yet another reason to hate them more. Perhaps it’s due to the ‘always-on’ nature of social media, drawing a new outrage to my attention on a minute-by-minute basis.  As they stumble from one pathetic blunder to another I twitch like an inebriated Kevin Spacey in a boy’s only casting session.

Boris Johnson thoughtlessly condemning a UK citizen to spend longer in an Iranian jail, pah! He never thinks ahead (or at all), why would I be surprised? Priti Patel lobbying for cash to fund illegal operations in foreign countries, whatever. Same old, same old. David Davies saying there are no reports on the impact of Brexit on industry when six months earlier he’d claimed there were between 50-60, yawn. They’re all fucking liars anyway why should one more lie matter?

Perhaps it’s the drip, drip effect like a form of infuriating water torture. One that’s more infinitely annoying than Piers Morgan’s Twitter feed.

My major irritation currently is that it’s all politics. Debates are thwarted and decisions handed down that have little to do with what’s for the greater good, they only benefit the party in power. They are self-serving and seem to take little account of what’s the best course of action for the country.

Take one example, of which there are many. A story has surfaced that Philip Hammond would’ve given the NHS more money in the budget had their boss not insisted on it being £4 million. Whether the story is true could be debated, if there’s any truth in it we should be astonished. Instead we’re ambivalent. In summary, the NHS got less money than it needs because of a personal disagreement between two old blokes. Millions of people put in danger due to politics.

When did MPs stop serving the public interest? Or, when did they stop even trying to pretend that they are?

Brexit is an enormous, out-of-control clusterfuck. No-one seems able to define one benefit that will arise from it. Not one single benefit. Yet we plough ahead blindly and stupidly because a small majority of people voted for it and will be annoyed and confused if it doesn’t happen. The Government continues to mismanage it purely because they know that to abandon it will cost them votes.

Instead of stopping to tell us the facts that our economy will be fatally damaged by Brexit, leaders on both sides continue to try and enact the will of a few deluded souls. For their benefit, we’ll all be worse off. How is that good for the public interest, how is it beneficial for the country, for industry, for anyone?

Perhaps it was always this way, perhaps I’m naïve. You think that the Government is elected to improve the country’s fortunes but all they can do is fire-fight, kow-tow and genuflect to the media and a lot of people who should be told some hard truths rather than being obeyed.