Interlude (G.O.K. #2)

I was ready to unleash a stream of bile, an invective, a torrent of abuse against the commercial use of one of my favourite songs; then I paused.

I frequently tell myself (and others) not to hit send on something they might regret, or may not even be fully understood. If I take stock on this maybe it isn’t that important, most people don’t take music that seriously. Others may just believe that the song concerned is just a nice pop tune, not the major development in popular music or timeless classic that I believe it to be.

It’s all about perspective. Maybe some people do love their cars that much, probably the creative types involved in the commercial believe that they’re paying homage to the song and the vehicles involved.

It is subjective, of course. I was also wary that I was unleashing vitriol against a company to whom I’d recently proposed a sponsorship deal. They foolishly knocked it back in preference to one of their own ideas, one that they don’t actually have the budget to execute properly. Generally speaking I don’t take these things to heart and it certainly didn’t influence my feelings about the ad – I was having those before the ‘knock-back’ and would’ve published them either way.

I suppose I didn’t want to think that my thinking, and consequently my writing, was compromised. If I’m going to commentate on popular culture and express my deep-held beliefs then I should just get on with it. Those will be printed above, very soon.