Time is a relative concept and yet a finite resource.

Conceptually I don't have enough of it. I'm barely finding the time to read, much less to write and maintain this blog. When I do read I find that the thoughts that I may express have been expounded elsewhere, usually with more wit and wisdom. Is there any point for me to add yet more words, to take up anyone else's time?

Heather Zabriskie via Unsplash

These are the struggles we all face, how to prioritise. What best defines who we are and what we allocate our valuable time to. As with everything else, these thoughts have been better expressed by others.

This blog has been the casualty of an increase in my workload. Work pays and this is merely an outlet for creative frustrations. Indeed it was set up originally as a time capsule, a portal for past writing which extended only because of the need to write. Now being so time poor I can't be pushed to move it all elsewhere, or to know if there's even a point in doing so.
Ben White via Unsplash

My main role here this year has been to delete the spam posts and I even have to be alerted to those. I've spent time trying to work out how they occur, which has taken more time than it should. Now I think I've done that, will I find the time to write more?

Time waits for no man. We have hacks and 'labour-saving' devices but the time saved is easily spent. As and when I find more I may be back.