Friday, September 11, 2009


So apple approved spotify for itunes, people were surprised. Perhaps they forgot the business that apple are in - selling hardware. itunes exists as a means to an end, to supply music/apps to ipod devices. As anyone who sells to it will testify - itunes is not a brilliant retail platform, it is functional at best. It has the massive market-share as a result of the desirability of the devices, not by being retailer of the year.

It remains to be seen whether spotify is the itunes killer. Given that the spot-app is only available to those paying the premium I would suggest not. As usual there are economic reasons why I feel this way. Spotify premium is £9.99 per month and, whilst it has some great bells and whistles, you still don't own the tracks. In essence it just adds to their portability.

Given that most people go to itunes for single tracks (£0.79 to £1.29ish?) and single tracks are seen as the future perhaps the Spotify premium fee will be the hurdle that is just too high.

At the initial advent of Spotify many of my colleagues had predicted that the natural route for itunes to take would be full-track-previews. Perhaps they didn't fancy the fight with the labels to acquire such rights, maybe they've moved on.

Some of those same friends and colleagues are now convinced that apple are getting a large chunk of the Spotify premium fees, in time this may or may not be proven. If, as many believe, Spotify's business-plan is to build the numbers then sell-out this may well be true.

In the week that they were added to itunes Spotify UK went back to being 'invite-only' for non-premium subscribers. This was either very clever or very stupid - at the time that you get your best press you remove the option of the free trial. If you want to move people on from file-sharing-freeloaders to heavy-streamers it is certainly a big mistake.

In the meantime apple just sell more devices, and one of the additions to the new nano - an FM radio. Once wi-fi becomes king, broadband becomes super-reliable everywhere and the iphone is the device du jour maybe we don't need Spotify as we'll have access to any radio station on the web, including those new ones that let you choose the songs........

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The path to hypocrisy?

I realise that this would only be ironic if they were blocking the cycle-path with a road sign for a festival of cycling, rather than one of motoring. This said it seems contradictory for any council that continually promotes itself as being cycle-friendly to block the paths with anything at all.

This is one of Coventry's busiest roads - there were two to three blockages along the path which runs up the Kenilworth Road on either side of the busy A45. As these events take place in the nearby Memorial Park all the time I guess I'll just have to get used to it. Sadly that stretch of cycle path is very useful for inexperienced riders like myself.