Friday, January 28, 2011


What's not to love?

The art of the album sleeve

I don't know who has time to compile this stuff, I don't even have time to look through the full 80. What I have seen is enough to warrant posting this link: Genuine works of genius, though you may suspect that some of them aren't genuine. I have my doubts about no.10 'Jesus Use Me' by The Faith Tones.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pilot is set to take off

If I've devoted my January to an exploration of new music (or at least music that's new to me) then I should give a big 'shout out' (as I believe young people no longer say) to The Pilot Project. It's a new music initiative that compiles and allows access to what they consider to be significant new talent. An interesting and easily used site, I suggest you take a look - and definitely listen.

Friday, January 21, 2011

The return of myspace?

I hadn't been on myspace for some-time, probably longer even than I'd last been here. It is greatly improved and remains the place to find new music. Recently I've found none better than this - - if Holly Partridge isn't a huge star by the time that 2011 closes then I'll eat my own socks.

Naturally she has a history, it helps. It's a story to tell when you eventually get stuck in front of interviewers. She writes great songs and seems to perform them pretty well. It's hard when you hear something like this not to get immediately excited and share it with everyone, perhaps it's too early - they're still considering their options with regard to record labels, as well they might.

Real talent is rare, Holly has it.