Thursday, February 18, 2016

The originator principle

My recent work, partially driven by consolidation and having worked for all the major radio groups, has diversified into sectors I probably wouldn’t have considered were it not for financial need and a desire to stretch myself. In many respects though it’s been a relief to engage in proper marketing even if the goalposts have shifted since I last found myself actively selling.

The biggest development is of course with regard to social media, search marketing, online in general. It was a steep learning curve and one I’m still attempting, with crampons and ice-picks. That I am doing it in a sector that I’d not actually encountered until 14 months ago added to the challenge. Thus I am abandoned in the world of hair loss and a radical, innovative solution – Scalp MicroPigmentation.

My involvement began with content creation and copy-checking, putting together the foundations of the company website. It was a useful way to get a grip of the terminology and an understanding of what it does for the recipient. I’ve always found it difficult to ‘sell’ something I don’t believe in so this was a valuable grounding, the reasons to believe.

This nascent industry had crept under my radar and that of many others but to those who have sought it out it has provided a transformation in both their appearance and confidence. Part of my role is to piece these stories together and reach out to the wider – and balder – community.

Consequently, I am now managing a range of social media streams and getting involved in content generation and marketing. It’s a brave new world.

One result of managing spend across social media is that you encounter unlikely trolling. A response to one of our recent posts about our pioneering scalp micropigmentation treatment was a message that simply said ‘Prefer to use the company that invented it’.